Women survivors and their children born of wartime sexual violence in northern Uganda

By Teddy Atim, Dyan Mazurana, Anastasia Marshak Introduction The focus on women survivors of wartime sexual violence has resulted in increased attention being paid to its long-term impact on their social acceptance in post-conflict environments. Coulter (2009) and Denov and Ricard-Guay (2013) are critical of the fact that discussions about these women have centred primarily … Read more

Call for papers ASAUK 2018

ASAUK 2018 Event

STREAM: Slavery and Marriage in African Societies Stream organisers: Benedetta Rossi (University of Birmingham, UK) and Joel Quirk (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa). In what ways have slavery and marriage been intertwined in African societies? How should the nexus between marriage and slavery be theorized and researched? How have laws and conventions linking slavery and marriage been mobilized politically … Read more

‘Do Not Remain Silent’ A discussion about sexual violence in South Sudan and justice and reparations measures

On Wednesday 13th September, Refugee Law Project’s Director, Dr Chris Dolan, was privileged to participate in a panel convened and hosted by Amnesty International Kenya’s Nairobi office. The topic was “‘Do Not Remain Silent’ A discussion about sexual violence in South Sudan and justice and reparations measures” and was live-streamed by Amnesty International. The recording of the … Read more

Tackling Conflict-related Sexual Violence: How much are we tapping from young people’s creativity?

By Onen David Ongwech, Programme Manager – Gender & Sexuality Published 10th July 2017 I recently found my commitment to tackling conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) reinvigorated when I took an important trip to Bath College’s New Perspectives exhibition on June 20, 2017 to support a magnificent piece of art on display which illuminates the plight … Read more

Gender and peacebuilding: Trudeau can do more to support gender rights in Africa

By Dr. Annie Bunting With the Canadian government about to confirm the deployment of peacekeepers to Africa (likely to Mali), and Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent visit to Liberia and address to the Francophonie on the centrality of the rights of women and girls, it is important to reflect critically on both these agendas in tandem. … Read more