York researchers participate in national consultations on women, peace and security

Three researchers from York University travelled to Ottawa to participate in national consultations aimed at guiding the development of Canada’s ...
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Mariages forcés, esclavage conjugal et masculinités en temps de guerre [FR]

English version not available. Full article in French (pdf) Source: À Babord, Revue sociale et politique, numéro 68, février/mars 2017 ...
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Gender and peacebuilding: Trudeau can do more to support gender rights in Africa

By Dr. Annie Bunting With the Canadian government about to confirm the deployment of peacekeepers to Africa (likely to Mali), ...
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Prof Annie Bunting

International meeting focuses on justice for victims of forced marriage

Forced “marriage” and sexual slavery in war lead to a variety of devastating but different outcomes for their victims. For ...
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forced marriage in african conflicts event

Forced ‘Marriage’ in African Conflicts: Conversations with activist researchers

November 16, 2016, 3:00 PM – 5:00PM 1st floor Boardroom/Round Room/Library 315 Bloor Street West ...
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