Tackling Conflict-related Sexual Violence: How much are we tapping from young people’s creativity?

By Onen David Ongwech, Programme Manager – Gender & Sexuality
Published 10th July 2017

I recently found my commitment to tackling conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) reinvigorated when I took an important trip to Bath College’s New Perspectives exhibition on June 20, 2017 to support a magnificent piece of art on display which illuminates the plight of male survivors of CRSV. This trip came ahead of the World Refugee Day, Uganda Solidarity Refugee Summit on Refugees, and UN Day Against Torture. The art I found in Bath honors the resilience of asylum seekers and refugees following experiences of terror, brutality and oppression.

Alighting in the warm afternoon from the National Express coach, I was once again welcomed by the calm and beautiful landscape of Bath Spa, which I last visited 2 years ago. After three hours in the coach, and the excitement of leaving London’s constant bustle, I was ushered into a scenic extravaganza at Bath College, showcasing several artifacts of over 60 students. In particular, one project explored the plight of male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. For copyright concerns, and because it was a private viewing event that day, I am unfortunately not able to share any picture, yet. [Read Full Blog Article Here]