Gender politics and geopolitics of international criminal law in Uganda

[Disponible en anglais seulement] Author: Annie Bunting, Law & Society, York University, Toronto, Canada Journal: Global Discourse Published online: 19 Nov 2018 ...
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The Expressive Nature of Law: What We Learn from Conjugal Slavery to Forced Marriage in International Criminal Law

Disponible seulement en anglais Authors: Annie Bunting and Izevbuwa Kehinde Ikhimiukor Source: International Criminal Law Review, Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 331 – 353 ...
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Buried In The Heart Book Cover

Buried in the Heart Women, Complex Victimhood and the War in Northern Uganda

Part of Cambridge Studies in Law and Society Author: Erin Baines, University of British Columbia, Vancouver ISBN: 9781316502099 Series: Cambridge Studies ...
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Contemporary Slavery Popular Rhetoric and Political Practice

Contemporary Slavery Popular Rhetoric and Political Practice Edited by Annie Bunting and Joel Quirk SERIES: Law and Society UBC Press ...
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Uganda Country report

Récente publication : « Le mariage forcé au sein de l’Armée de résistance du Seigneur (LRA), Rapport de pays sur l’Ouganda »

[Disponible en anglais seulement] By Teddy Atim, with Grace Acan, Jane Etap, and Annie Bunting Conjugal Slavery in War ...
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Women survivors and their children born of wartime sexual violence in northern Uganda

Article seulement disponible en anglais Teddy Atim, Dyan Mazurana, Anastasia Marshak Introduction The focus on women survivors of wartime sexual ...
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Amicus curiae

Mémoire d'amicus curiae déposé devant les Chambres Extraordinaires au sein des tribunaux cambodgiens Amicus curiae [pdf] ...
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